The National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges is the body responsible for setting and maintaining the standards for judging at shows throughout England and Wales. It was founded in 1963 by a group of people who had become concerned at the variability of judging standards at various shows.

The Guild holds an annual conference for Judges, which provides a useful forum for discussion and seeks to maintain standards by holding open judging for entries in a wine and beer competition staged at the conference.

The guild also has a newsletter to keep judges informed and maintains the judges handbook. This is the judges bible and defines the standard which all judges apply at competitions.

The date of the 57th Conference Weekend will be on November 5 - November 7 2021 at the Park Inn Hotel in Peterborough.
This is obviously subject to any restrictions that may be in place at the time.
The wine assessment competition will be red fruit dry, and the beer assessment competition will be Saison.

Information for the Conference Weekend is now available on the Conference Details page.

Photos of the 2019 weekend

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