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Definitions of mead differ, but essentially it is an alcoholic beverage whose character is derived from the use of honey as the major source of fermentable sugar.
Variants of mead may be required in competitions, in which case the following descriptions apply:

  Pyment Mead made with added grape juice
  Cyser Mead made with added apple juice
  Melomel Mead made with added suitable fruit juice
  Metheglin Mead in which herbs or spices have been infused
  Hippocras Metheglin fortified by the addition of Spirit
Mead and its variants should be classified as ‘dry’, ‘medium’ or ‘sweet’ in the same way as wines, and are judged accordingly. Unless excluded in the schedule, meads (especially melomels and pyments) of a wide range of colours should be accepted, including red meads where addition of red fruit juice is possible.

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