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tactile Describes the physical sensation on the surface of the mouth and tongue caused by contact with wine or beer.
taint A flavour of wine or beer regarded by the drinker as undesirable.
tannins A term used for a group of natural ingredients, chemically polyphenols, which cause astringency (q.v.) in wine. They are extracted mainly from the skins and pips of fruits. Tannins also have a preservative effect on wine, although white wines normally contain less than 0.03% tannins. The long after-taste of a mature red wine is due to tannins. The preservative properties of hops are also due to tannins.
tartaric acid An organic acid found in grapes, and in all commercial grape wines.
tawny A shade of brown tinged with yellow; in wine, associated with maturity.
TCP Trichlorphenols. A characteristic taint, similar to the antiseptic TCP and found mainly in beer, resulting from the combination of chlorine in water or sterilising agents with phenols in the ingredients. Avoid by boiling all added water or by treating all added water with 1-2 ppm of metabisulphite; equipment sterilised with hypochlorite should be rinsed with sulphite solution before use. In serious cases of chlorine contamination, the water should be filtered through a filter designed to remove such contaminants, then boiled before use.
tears of wine The term given to the colourless streams of liquid seen draining down the sides of a glass of wine, liqueur or spirit, and usually related to alcoholic strength. Sometimes referred to as "curtains" or "legs".
texture The effect of a wine in the mouth, e.g. harsh and astringent as in the case of a young tannic wine or smooth as in a well matured wine.
thin A term used to describe a wine or beer lacking in body.
threshold levels See separate entries on sensation, perception and differential thresholds. Threshold levels vary between individuals; some are more sensitive than others to certain smells and tastes. This should be allowed for when judging.
tourne A bacterial disease which shows up as a silky sheen within a wine or beer when it is swirled. See "ropiness". Dose wine with tannins and sulphite, then fine and filter.

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