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oaky See "woodiness".
organic In the chemical sense, a compound based on carbon. The majority of compounds found in wines and beers are compounds of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, e.g. alcohols, acids, esters, sugars. Proteins and amino acids also contain, in addition, nitrogen and in some cases sulphur.
original gravity OG. The gravity (q.v.) of a wine must or beer wort before fermentation starts, giving an approximate guide to the potential alcohol content in the finished product.
over-primed The term for a sparkling wine or beer that foams excessively when opened. This results from the addition of too much sugar during priming.
oxidised A term applied to wine, but not necessarily describing a defect: the type of wine and the type of oxidation must also be considered. Table wines exposed to air become oxidised and smell of acetaldehyde (q.v.), and this is a defect. In some wines, e.g. Sherry and Madeira, oxidation provides an accepted flavour component. Slight oxidation of wine can often be removed by restarting the fermentation. Oxidation is a major defect in beers.

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