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gassy Describes wines or beers containing an abnormally high level of carbon dioxide.
geranium The term given to the characteristic taint produced by the action of lactic acid bacteria on sorbic acid added to a wine as a stabiliser. Cannot be remedied, but may be avoided by adequate sulphiting of the wine when the sorbic acid is added.
glycerol A sweet viscous by-product of fermentation. Glycerol content of a wine is increased by the use of high levels of sulphite in must preparation.
gravity The fractional part of the specific gravity (q.v.) when expressed to three decimal places. For example: SG=1.045 then gravity=45; SG= 0.998, gravity=998; SG=1.105, gravity=105.
green Describes the odour and flavour of wine made from unripe fruit, often accompanied by excess acidity.
grist The dry mixture of crushed grains and adjuncts for brewing, prior to mashing.

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