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farewell See "after-taste".
film yeasts See "spoilage yeasts".
filter A device for removing suspended particles from wine or beer. Also a contraction of "filter paper" or "filter pulp", etc., when it refers to the taint in a wine if the filter has not been adequately cleaned before the wine is passed through it.
fining The clearing of a wine or beer by the use of additives, e.g. isinglass or bentonite.
finish The last sensation on the palate when tasting a wine or beer. May be referred to as long or short, depending on the time it takes to disappear.
fixed acidity The acidity due to non-volatile acids, such as tartaric, malic and succinic, which provide agreeable tartness to the wine.
flat Describes a wine which tastes dull and insipid and is probably short of acid. Also describes a sparkling wine or beer which has lost its effervescence (condition).
flavour The total sensory result of the odour of a wine or beer reaching the rear nasal passages after being warmed in the mouth, together with its taste on the tongue and its feel in the mouth.

A fibre or other distinct particle seen in the wine or beer.
flowers of wine See "spoilage yeasts".
fusel oil Normally a minor product of alcoholic fermentation, derived from amino acids but produced in larger amounts if nitrogenous nutrients, e.g. ammonium salts, are in poor supply. It is a minor normal component of the taste and smell of wine and beer, but is prominent in spirits such as whisky and brandy, and in excess can lead to hangovers. It is a mixture of higher alcohols, e.g. isoamyl alcohol.

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