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effervescence The bubbling of gas from wine or beer.
enzyme An organic catalyst produced by living cells. Enzymes play an essential part in the fermentation processes and in producing clear wines and beers.
ester A compound formed by reaction between an acid and an alcohol, e.g. ethyl acetate (q.v.).
ethanol See "ethyl alcohol".
ethyl acetate A fruity-smelling ester formed from ethyl alcohol and acetic acid, present in small quantities in most wines and beers, and produced by the yeast. When present to any considerable extent it is unpleasant and an indication of acetification (q.v.).
ethyl alcohol The main product of anaerobic fermentation of a suitable sugar solution by Saccharomyces yeasts. The alcoholic base of wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits.
extract A brewing term for the fermentable sugars, proteins and unfermentable dextrins resulting from the mashing process. Also used for the non-volatile components of a finished wine.

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