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deposit See "sediment".
diacetyl An organic compound with a characteristic butterscotch or "buttery" smell. Produced by certain types of yeast and bacteria. As little as 1ppm can cause spoilage in beer.
differential threshold The quantity of a substance needed to be added to an already perceptible amount to give a recognisable difference.
DMS Dimethyl sulphide. A sulphur compound beneficial to the taste and bouquet of lager at concentrations below 0.1 ppm. At higher concentrations it imparts a bouquet often described as "cooked-vegetable" or "sweet-corn".
dry Describes a wine or beer without easily recognisable sweetness. The sensation of dryness is influenced by acidity, bitterness and level of alcohol.
dry hopping The addition of dried hops to beer after fermentation to improve hop aroma in the finished beer.

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